Business Opportunity

“I would like to personally invite you to join the Youngevity crusade to improve the physical and financial health of people throughout the world.”

In addition to their physical health, Dr. Wallach understands that there are many people in America who could improve their financial health. He founded Youngevity, the ONLY nutritional company owned and operated by Dr. Joel Wallach, not only to provide people with the best nutritional products in the world, but to provide a solid financial opportunity to those with the burning desire to achieve more in life.

1.  Products that change lives!

Dr. Wallach has taken everything he learned to treat animals as a veterinarian and applied it as a physician for our use, too! Youngevity’s products are based on his 43+ years of research and experience. Give your body the 90 Essential Nutrients that it needs and it can do amazing things!

2.  Associate Friendly

Where other companies focus on paying dividends to their owners, Youngevity focuses on its associates. The company pays up to 65% back to its associates, with an actual payout at perhaps the highest in the industry — 55-56%! Youngevity actively listens to input from its associates on new products, customer support, and product improvements.


3.  Tools, tools, TOOLS!

The most effective marketing tools of all time have been Dr. Wallach’s audiocassettes. These enable you to share the same information that Dr. Wallach does in his lectures in a non-confrontational way. If you can learn to share Dr. Wallach’s tapes, the tapes will then share Dr. Wallach’s message for you! All the Business Building tools – such as “Running the Bases” – are designed to help you get off to a running start!

4.  100 Million Lectures In Circulation

Over 40 companies have used the audio, “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie,” to sell their products. With more than 100 million copies of his lecture in circulation, many people are buying products from other companies, thinking that they are Dr. Wallach’s. How many people have already received his lecture but don’t know that Dr. Wallach now has his own company with an even better product line? What are they going to do when they find out? This huge pre-sold market is waiting for you!

5.  Work once and get paid over and over again!

This royalty-type concept is called residual income. With Youngevity you can introduce someone to the products once, and earn a bonus each time that person purchases products, even if you’re on vacation! Imagine building a huge business that can pay you for a lifetime!

6.  Direct Marketing with a twist!

One of the most unique things about the Youngevity Opportunity is that it combines two incredible industries. With Dr. Wallach’s popularity and credibility it is easier than ever for associates to use both word-of-mouth and mass marketing methods to share Dr. Wallach’s life-changing message.

7.  Support

In addition to company support, there are many people just like yourself who have built a successful business with Youngevity and are available to show you how and help you get started.

8.  No Limits!

Unlike other plans, Youngevity’s lucrative compensation plan does not limit you to the number of people you can sponsor, the depth you get paid on, or the amount of money you can make.

9.  Timing, timing, TIMING!

There has never been a better time than now to get involved with Dr. Wallach and Youngevity. We are now over 3 years old and debt free, have life-changing consumable products, and have roughly 100,000 distributors across the country. These are the 3 elements that Harvard Business School points to as conditions for MOMENTUM – the biggest growth spurt in a company’s history! Although we’re already breaking records, the best is yet to come!

10.  YOU!


You are probably asking yourself “How do I get Started?

To become part of the Youngevity family is absolutely FREE. That’s right, completely free. Anyone can sign up as a preferred customer and get 30% off retail prices! Youngevity’s main goal is to get you and your close ones healthy and happy. Click HERE to learn more.

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