65% Maximum Payout!

Youngevity is very distributor oriented. They pay out to their distributors a whopping 54% above! Click HERE to see  Youngevity’s compensation plan.

Youngevity is literally for everyone!

Youngevity makes it easy to become healthy and earn some extra cash on the side. By becoming a member of Youngevity you take advantage of 30% discounts on all products and on top of that earn that money back by telling your friends and family. There are three different ways you can become part of the Youngevity family. Click here to learn more.

Don’t worry about knowing all the ins and outs of the compensation plan or even being an expert with the products. This knowledge will come with time. As long as you know a few simple basics you will be well on your way to success!  The following are some of the highlights of the compensation plan:

  • You receive bonuses for people you refer to use Youngevity’s products and bonuses on people they refer, and so on up until your sixth level! 
  • Leadership bonus that compensates you on level seven and beyond! (Click HERE for details)
  • No Autoship commitments. If you are inactive for a time you will keep your organization!
  • It is only $10.00 to start getting paid by Youngevity! Click here to learn more.
  • Quickstart Bonus helps you jumpstart your organization.
  • There are always great incentives like free cruises and company trips.
  • Car Bonus. Get a $1000+ bonus for being a great leader!

The Compensation Plan is shown below. Click here for a larger version.





You are probably asking yourself “How do I get Started?

To become part of the Youngevity family is absolutely FREE. That’s right, completely free. Anyone can sign up as a preferred customer and get 30% off retail prices! Youngevity’s main goal is to get you and your close ones healthy and happy. Click HERE to learn more.

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