The Birth of Youngevity

Youngevity was founded in April of 1997 by Dr. Joel Wallach and has been growing rapidly ever since. Before Youngevity was founded Dr. Wallach had already spent 40+ years of his life in nutritional and biomedical research as a veterinarian and physician. Because of his extensive studies and passion for nutrition, he was nominated in 1991 for the Nobel Price in medicine. He also was the first person to recognize that cystic fibrosis is, in fact, not genetic! Dr. Wallach’s Lecture, “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie,” ┬áhas become the most popular health lecture of all time. This lecture has sold over 45-million copies. Over 40 companies have used this lecture to sell their own products. Now, however, Youngevity is the only nutritional company operated by Dr. Wallach and which has exclusive rights to Dr. Wallach’s wealth of knowledge, including Dead Doctors Don’t Lie. Youngevity currently sales over 400 products!

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